Why Invest in Zambia

Stable Political System

» One of the most stable political systems in Africa:
» Completion of Zambia's 6th peaceful political transition in September 2011.
» Over 47 years of peaceful democracy and political elections
» Results of the September 2011 Election:
» Election of current President Michael Sata
» Ascension into power of the Patriotic Front government promoting Fight against Corruption.

2. A Positive and Investor Friendly Environment

» Over 10 years of steady GDP growth
» Direct support by an Investment Promotion Officer (IPO) for your investment registration process, and assistance with processes for all other licenses and permissions for your business
» A Private Sector Development and Reform Program (PSDRP) continually streamlining licensing and administrative processes for the private sector.

3. Investment Guarantees and Security

» Investment guarantees and protection against state nationalization through the Certificate of Registration for your investment under the ZDA Act 2006
» Guarantees through Zambia's participation in the World Bank Group's Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency
» Member of the International Convention on the Settlement of Investment Disputes.

4. Attractive Investment Incentives

» A corporate tax rate of 0% for 5 years following your investments first profitable year
» Taxation on only 50% of profits in year 6 through year 8 following the first profitable year, and only on 75% for years 9 and 10
» 5-year exemption on dividend taxes following the year of first declaration
» 5-year customs duties exemption on imported machinery and equipment
» Improvement allowance of 100% Capital Expenditure on improvements or upgrading of infrastructure.

5. Progressive Banking, Legal, and Insurance Services of International Standards.

» Numerous domestic branches of international banks including Barclays, Standard Charter, CitiBank, and Bank of China
» A well-established English Common Law and Customary Law system with licensed international law firms
» A strong and growing insurance sector for both life and non-life insurance products
» Listing through the Lusaka Stock Exchange established in 1993 and a member of African Stock Exchange Association.

6. Abundant NAtural Resources

» Extensive mineral resources with at least two billion tons of minerals just within the Copperbelt region alone.
» 752,000 square kilometers of land, of which 58% is arable land.
» Victoria Falls, a UNESCO world heritage site, in addition to 22.4 million hectares of national parks and game management areas.

7. Access to Regional, Wider Africa, EU and USA Markets

» A member state of the Southern African Development Community (SADC)
» Borders with 8 SADC nations; the largest of any SADC country
» A member state of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA)
» A country under the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) of the United States allowing for quota preference and duty-free entry to the US market
» A country under the Everything But Arms Initiative allowing for duty-free and quota-free exports to the EU
» Member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) since 1995.

8. Thriving Private Sector

» Continuing of liberal market- led economic policies aimed at facilitating the private sector.
» Continuing privatization of formerly government owned companies with 264 of 288 state owned enterprises having been privatized as of the end of 2011
» Continuing government support and promotion of private sector through all political transitions.

9. Repatriation of 100% of Profits and no. Exchange Controls

» No foreign exchange controls since their abolishment in 1994
» Free floating currency rates and market set interest rates
» No restrictions on the repatriation of interest, profit, dividends, management fees, technical fees, and/or royalties.

10. Good Place to Work and Live

» One of Africa's safest nations with a strong rule of law
» Numerous modern shopping centers providing access to a wide range of international consumer goods and entertainment
» A multitude of international schools covering a variety of foreign educational systems and certifications
» Easy access to the natural beauty of Zambia through an abundance of safari reserves and Zambia's landmark Victoria Falls.

For more information, please refer to :
"Zambia Investor Guide Handbook" (June 2011),
"Zambia: Africa's New Frontier for Investments and Profits" (2012) and
"Zambia: Application Manual for Investors" (2012).


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