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JAPAN has announced intentions to stand with Zambia on it's economic stabilisation and growth programme with the support of IMF.

At a side meeting with Finance Minister FELIX MUTATI in Ahmedabad, India, Japanese State Minister of Finance TAKU OTSUKA says Japan wants to continue supporting Zambia at both multilateral and bilateral levels.

He says he is impressed with the talks between Zambia and the IMF adding that he will consult the Prime Minister of Japan on a consolidated position to help the Country.

And Finance Minister FELIX MUTATI has praised Japan for choosing to stand with Zambia on it's economic recovery programme.

MR. MUTATI says Government took a painful decision to remove subsidies in the energy sector to save money for other developmental programmes and to make electricity tariffs cost reflective to attract investment.

He says Government is looking forward to working with Japan bilaterally and multilaterally to revamp the economy and improve social protection.
Issued by:
Bangwe Naviley- First Secretary [Press and Tourism]
New Delhi, India

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