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National Association of Travel Agents of Singapore Acting President STEVEN LER, says his organization will go out of the way to market Zambia as a preferred destination for tourism to the people of Singapore.


Mr. LER says his association has learnt a lot about Zambia's tourism following a presentation on tourism by Zambia High Commission.


This came to light at a meeting in Singapore after Zambia's High Commissioner Extra -Ordinary and Plenipotentiary to Singapore JUDITH KAPIJIMPANGA presented her credentials to the President of Singapore TONY TAN KENG YAM.


And Zambia's High Commissioner Extra -Ordinary and Plenipotentiary to Singapore JUDITH KAPIJIMPANGA says Zambia is a peaceful Country which has changed Presidents without bloodshed just as Singapore.


She has since urged tourists from Singapore to visit Zambia to reconcile with nature adding that it is only fair enough that any one human being on earth should visit at least once in a life time.


The High Commissioner also says the Country has never experienced any disease such as Ebola or any form of terrorism which tourists are scared of.


MRS. KAPIJIMPANGA says Zambia is the birth place to the most professional legendary walking safari in an untamed environment.


She adds that tourists enjoy paying for hunting safaris and further participate in the actual hunting alongside the tour guides.


The High Commissioner says Zambia is the home to the Mighty Victoria Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world.


She says its a magnificent natural wonder which has a rainy forest around it which is the only place on the earth where it rains 24 hours, 7 days a week because of the sprays from the Victoria Falls.


The Zambian envoy says Zambia has one of the most spectacular and largest movement of wilder beasts which cross the river at least once a year.


"The Country also has one of the largest birds migration at one point of every year which is a huge spectacle," Mrs. KAPIJIMPANGA said.


This is contained in a statement made available by First Secretary Press and Tourism at the Zambian Mission in New Delhi, India, Bangwe Naviley.


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