Zambia urged to join International Solar Alliance -ISA

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India’s leading solar powered water pump manufacturer, Shakti, has embarked on manufacturing digitalized water pumps that can be controlled on phone from any part of the world.


Shakti Pumps Chairman Dinesh Patidar said the solar powered water pumps which could be switched on and off from any part of the world on phone also made it impossible to use them once stolen.


Mr. Patidar said the technology had been put in place in response to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi who wanted to digitalize all services in the Asian sub continent.


He urged Zambia to join the International Solar Alliance (ISA) to benefit from the new trends regarding solar for efficiency in water supply especially in areas that were off the grid.


“ISA is a great organisation that will attract $2 billion from the Government of India for scaling up solar energy in Countries that lie between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn,” Mr. Patidar said.


This came to light when Zambia’s High Commissioner to India, Judith Kapijimpanga, toured the Shakti Pumps manufacturing plants and demo agricultural fields in the out skirts Indore, a city in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.


And Mrs. Kapijimpanga urged the company to work with water utilities in Zambia in providing solar water pumping solutions in view of the energy deficit that was affecting water supply.


Mrs. Kapijimpanga said Zambia had over 3 million hectares of land for irrigation potential but that only 3% was under irrigation.


“There is need for solar pumping technology in Zambia to increase dry season irrigation to achieve food sufficiency,” She said.


Mrs. Mrs. Kapijimpanga had since invited the company to travel to Zambia to explore business opportunities.


This was contained in a statement made available by First Secretary Press and Tourism at the Zambian Mission in New Delhi, India, Bangwe Naviley.

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